21″ Stainless Steel Spoon

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21″ Stainless Steel Spoon High Quality. Rigid Single-Piece Construction. Made Of Smoothly Polished Heavy 18 Gauge Stainless Steel. Commercial Grade. 21 Inches Long.


Jeff says:

Just a spoon It’s kind of weird reviewing a spoon…This spoon is quite long and works great for stiring wort or some strange witches brew. It’s not a real high quality spoon, it’s basically just stamped stainless steel. Be sure to note that because it is not sold by Amazon, the shipping cost is almost as much as the spoon itself.

Jettie Lea D'Angelo says:

Exactly as stated This product lives up to its description. My husband brews beer using a propane burner and a large pot (big enough to fry a turkey) and couldn’t find a spoon long enough to stir with, but this works perfectly.

Andrew says:

Good deal The spoon is suprisingly sturdy for the price. More than enough strength for mixing mash. This is a great value overall

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